Business Cadetships - Step 1 - Application Form

Applications are now invited from current Year 12 students.

Please fill out the Application Form below and press Submit once completed.

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Once you have successfully submitted your application form you will be given instructions by email for your school principal or his/her nominee so that he/she can fill out your School Assessment online.


It is important that you take care in writing your Application Form. Once you submit the application it cannot be revised, so it is important to carefully check what you have written, including school results, before you submit. You should write well-worded, fully developed and comprehensive responses to the seven core questions in the ‘About you’ section below. Be sure that you include a sensible and permanent email address on your application as email is the means by which we will communicate with you. You should use a personal email address, NOT your school email account.

It is important that you type directly onto your Application Form. Cutting and pasting content from popular word-processing software like Microsoft Word can result in unusual characters appearing once your Application Form is submitted.


Applications close 25th May (midnight). By that date, both this Application Form and your School Assessment must be submitted.

Well before the application deadline
, you are strongly advised to ascertain from your Careers Adviser which member of staff at your school should fill in your School Assessment. It may be your school Principal or his/her nominee.


After this date, selected applicants may be invited to undertake an online competency-based assessment. Professional Cadetships Australia will contact applicants about this assessment by email so make sure you check your email regularly.


Applicants who are not invited to undertake the competency-based assessment should not assume that they are not being considered for an interview.


All applicants will be advised by email in due course whether or not they will be given an interview.


Privacy Declaration


1. Your details


2. Your report card
  2. Subject & level Number of units Result Number in course Position in course
  4. Subject & level Number of units Result Number in course Position in course


3. After school
  1. Give details of the university courses that you intend applying for, in order of preference. It should be possible for you to study some or all of your preferred degree part-time. Cadets must study at a university in Sydney. Refer to the current UAC Guide and check with the university offering the degree.*
  2.   University Degree Reason for preference
    First preference
    Second preference
    Third preference


4. About you
  1. <





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