Why Choose Professional Cadetships?

For Year 12 Students

Open to current Year 12 students, Professional Cadetships provide unparalleled opportunities. As a Cadet, you combine study at the university of your choice with paid work at a leading company.

"My cadetship has been the most rewarding experience: I’m learning something new every day. It’s easy enough to manage uni, the cadetship and having friends. You learn more about yourself - and the world - every single day."

Diya Goswami, 2nd Year Research Cadet, Barrenjoey Capital Partners

"A cadetship at UBS is a great place to learn and compliment my university studies as I delve into technology and the financial services industry."

Sally Sun, 3rd Year Technology Cadet, UBS

"For anyone considering applying, the value of a cadetship is that you get so much exposure to work that makes your university studies applicable in the real world."

Tom Jarvis, 4th Year Cash Equities Cadet, UBS


For Participating Companies

Our programs allow you to secure young people who have the right fit for your organisation, providing a talent pipeline for your graduate and professional hiring.

"The cadet program provides UBS with a key pipeline of the best junior talent available in Australia. It also equips our cadets with all of the skills that they need to transition into a full-time role at UBS in Australia or in our offices around the world."

Scott Hanlon, Head of Investment Banking Operations, UBS

"Here at Barrenjoey, for our cadet program, we are looking for individuals who are independent thinkers with curious minds who want to work with the best, to be their best."

Craig Stafford, Head of Research, Barrenjoey Capital Partners