What They Are


Over the last eleven years, Professional Cadetships Australia has provided Year 12 students with the opportunity to apply for a cadetship with leading companies in the financial services industry, including UBS, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, BNP Paribas, Westpac, QBE and Zurich. In 2018, UBS intends to offer cadetships under the Business Cadetships Program.



As a Business Cadet, typically you combine university study in Sydney with paid work at UBS in Sydney. The Business Cadetships Program allows you to choose the university where you will study and allows you latitude in your choice of degree program.



Once you have been selected as a preferred applicant for a cadetship, you will meet with the company to discuss the most suitable way of combining university study with paid work. Your Business Cadetship is a partnership: it is very important that the integration of study and work allows you to perform well at university and at work.



Applications for Business Cadetships are made online to Professional Cadetships Australia.

Applications open: Monday 5 March 2018
Applications close: Wednesday 16 May 2018


Technology Cadetships

If you are interested in business technology, you should also consider applying for a Technology Cadetship with Macquarie Group under the ETCAD Program.