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At Cubic Transportation Systems we believe our identity is intrinsically linked with our customers, and the people our customers serve. How they get from one place to the next – how that impacts their lives, their fellow travellers and their cities – and how it feels along the way.

That is why we’re passionate about developing transportation solutions that improve the way we move throughout our cities. Innovation is in our culture, and our history speaks for itself. Cubic has successfully delivered large scale transport fare collection systems and traffic management systems to over 450 customers spanning four continents. 

Today in Australia, more than 16 million public transport journeys are taken using Cubic’s smartcard and contactless payments technology – 13 million with the Opal card in NSW and 3 million with the gocard in Queensland. Globally, nearly 10 billion journeys are taken every year using Cubic systems. 

We are a company of firsts, focused on inventing solutions in collaboration with our customers and partners. Every day our teams innovate to make a positive difference in people’s lives by simplifying their daily journeys. 

As an Engineering Cadet at Cubic, you will have the opportunity to challenge perceptions, learn new skills, build knowledge and achieve your goals.

You will be engaged in the development, delivery and support of solutions for intelligent travel applications with a global leader. At Cubic you will supplement your academic studies with hands on experience that will enhance your learning potential and provide you with an excellent foundation for your career development. 

Cubic is committed to: Getting you there. Smarter. Join us and let’s shape the future of transportation – together.