Why Choose Professional Cadetships?

For Year 12 Students

Our cadetship programs enable you to combine study at the university of your choice with paid work at leading companies. Cadetships are open to current Year 12 students only.

"During my cadetship at UBS, I was able to work in a variety of back and front office roles in the investment banking division. A cadetship is one of the most effective means of differentiating yourself from your peers and will help you determine which career path you would like to pursue. The program allows candidates to develop a rich understanding of the corporate world and to gain the skills and experience that will allow you to steepen your career trajectory.

Following my cadetship I secured a permanent global equities advisory position. This entails advising Australian based institutional investors on international equity investment opportunities."

- Tony Chalmers, former UBS cadet now working in Global Equities Advisory


For Participating Companies

Our programs allow you to secure young people who have the right fit for your organisation, providing a talent pipeline for your graduate and professional hiring.

"UBS is committed to nurturing future talent in Australia by providing opportunities for young people to develop their knowledge and skills.

For the past twelve years, UBS has partnered with Professional Cadetships Australia (PCA) to identify and select highly-motivated school leavers who have an aptitude for financial services. UBS employs cadets across the business, including front office cadet placement in Asset Management and Equities.

PCA’s reach within schools, combined with their knowledge of UBS’ business and corporate culture, has enabled us to develop a strong cadet program within the business.

The cadetship program provides a one of a kind experience for students wanting a career in finance while also providing exceptional resources for UBS during the cadetship and a pipeline of potential talent for the future."
Chris Williams, formerly Co-Head of Equities, UBS Australia