Cadet Profiles


Seamus Quealy - 3rd Year UBS Technology Cadet

My cadetship in Technology at UBS has offered me a unique opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills in the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of finance and technology. During my time at UBS, I’ve gained extensive technical knowledge in areas such as software development, database management and system architecture design.

Towards the end of school, I was unsure of my future plans. However, I knew I had a passion for STEM as my favourite HSC subjects were Chemistry, Mathematics Extension 2 and IPT.

This passion narrowed to programming, leading me to study a Bachelor of Advanced Computing at the University of Sydney. While preferencing my university courses, I heard about the Technology Cadetship from my Careers Counsellor. The opportunity to study my ideal degree and apply the content in a real-life scenario at this company encouraged my me to apply.

When I started at UBS, my role was primarily hands-on technology support. Through this, I found and learned new ways to solve technology issues quickly. I also interacted with almost everybody across many departments, allowing me to learn about different roles within the company, and to build relationships with users.

As I moved further along in my cadetship, I started building tools to improve the team’s efficiency using languages such as Python, JavaScript and PowerShell. These tools perform functions such as alerting the team of new user-submitted tickets, reducing the number of clicks to resolve a ticket and being able to provide remote support to a user with just their name.

My part-time workload has provided me with the experience of working at UBS whilst also allowing a balance for my study and social life.

Following my cadetship, I would like to continue in a technology-based role, hopefully at UBS!